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Why Buy Australian Artisan Jewellery? Part 1

With so much cheap, imported, mass produced jewellery on offer, and the popularity of cheap costume  jewellery shops like Diva and Equip, as an Australian consumer, why should you even consider buying Australian handmade jewellery?

If you are one of the many who buy cheap, imported, mass produced jewellery, here are 5 compelling reasons to re-think why you should consider changing your jewellery spending habits.

1.Support Fair Trade:

When you purchase imported, cheap, mass produced jewellery, not only does the money go back overseas, but you may also be supporting global sweat shop factories. In China & Indonesia there are many sweat shops where workers are forced to work for extremely low wages & in unregulated workplaces where abuse and poor conditions can lead to their health, safety & welfare being severely compromised.

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However, when you buy from an Australian Artisan, not only does the money stay in the Australian economy but workplace regulations ensure the health and safety of workers.

2. A Meaningful Purchase:

When you buy Australian Artisan jewellery, you are purchasing more than just a product. Most Artisan work is creatively inspired which results in jewellery that is more meaningful to the end consumer because it has a story behind it. Hay Creations Jewellery for example, is inspired by the beauty of semi precious stones and the elegance and grace of bygone eras.

3. Unique:

Unlike mass prodduced jewellery no two handmade pieces of Artisan jewellery will be exactly the same which makes them unique and one of a kind.

4. High Quality:

When Artisan jewellery is thoughtfully designed and carefully made using quality materials, attention to detail and finishing is paramount. Compared to mass produced jewellery, Artisan jewellery is of much higher quality & as a result will last for much longer.

5. Custom Made:

Unlike imported, mass produced jewellery, Artisan jewellery can be custom made to your personal requirements to reflect your own style. This also reduces consumer spending and waste because you are more likely to buy and wear custom made pieces for the long term rather than continually replacing cheap seasonal jewellery because  it’s either out of fashion, uncomfortable or more commonly, it breaks.

In Part Two I will address another 5 compelling reasons to buy Australian Artisan Jewellery.

In the mean time, when considering your next jewellery purchase,  support Australian artisans, the creative industry and small business by purchasing Australian Artisan Jewellery.

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