top 5 polishing tools for the flexshaft

My Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing tools

top 5 polishing tools for the flexshaft


Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing Tools


Polishing wheels, mops & mandrels are among the most used tools in my jewellery making business.

Over the years I’ve tried many different ones in the hope of finding the best one for the type of jewellery I produce.

What I’ve learned along the way is that there is no one particular type of polishing tool that does the job from start to finish.

Instead each polishing tool has a specific purpose & use for the many stages involved in producing hand forged Argentium Silver jewellery.

I use combination of emery & polishing papers & flexshaft tools.


favourite flexshaft mops


For those of you starting out in metalsmithing or silver smithing here are my favourite top 5 polishing tools for the Foredom flexshaft.

  1. Assorted silicone abrasive wheels : I bought the AvantEdge polishing kit from Rio Grande years ago & just top them up when necessary.
  2. Split mandrel with emery paper: I bought mine from Koodak & the emery paper from A&E Metals.
  3. Hard felt mop with tripoli: from Australian Jewellery Supplies (AJS)
  4. Soft fluffy mop & red rouge or Zam: mops from Koodak & Zam from Rio Grande
  5. White or black bristle brush & tripoli: AJS & Koodak.

As you can see unfortunately these mops, wheels & mandrels are not all available from the one supplier.

Also while I’ve tried to support Australian jewellery suppliers, they don’t stock some of the tools I’ve come to rely on.

Just a tip when ordering wheels, mops & mandrels – make sure you order the correct mandrel to fit your flex shaft. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way!


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