Mobile Bench Peg Setup

Mobile Bench Peg

Sawing Sterling Silver


When it comes to jewellery making, there are a myriad of tools to choose from.

From cutting & filing to embossing & polishing, each jewellery making process often requires some type of specialised tool.

As a result, over the last 8 years I’ve accumulated a large number of specialised jewellery making tools & in the process have developed a bit of a jewellery tool fetish – especially for pliers!


Pliers for Metalsmithing Jewellery



While some of the more specialised jewellery making equipment has proven to be absolutely essential, in retrospect I probably could have saved a large amount of time & money by improvising here & there.

So recently when I needed to raise the height of my bench peg or risk becoming a hunchback by Christmas 2011, I decided rather than immediately purchasing the latest & greatest jewellers bench peg attachment, it was time to improvise.

Admittedly, coming up with an alternative didn’t come easily & up until recently the only reasonable option seemed to be using my husbands work bench in the shed.

While the idea of taking my sawing equipment out to the shed to cut shapes, then packing up & returning to my indoor studio to finish pieces & making sure I didn’t leave a mess on my husbands bench didn’t seem favourable, I decided to go with it.

That was until I attempted to attach the peg to bench & found the work bench was too thick anyway!

Feeling a little defeated I began to think there was no alternative but to buy a new bench peg gadget or better still invest in a brand new jewellers bench.

However, whilst hanging washing on the line outside (the joys of working from home…), I spotted an concrete brick sitting next to our shed.

Immediately I began to wonder whether it could do the job.

So I cleaned it up, positioned it on my work table, attached the bench peg & … bingo – it was the perfect height & weight to be a mobile bench peg.

Having used this new mobile bench peg setup quite a bit over the last few weeks I have also discovered the other great thing is that when it’s not required, it can be easily moved off my work table & out of the way.


Mobile Bench Peg Setup



So while I’m not completely cured of my Jewellery making tool fetish as yet, this small but successful improvisation experience has inspired me to at least seriously consider other alternatives rather than immediately resorting to purchasing new & expensive jewellery tools & equipment every time!


Mobile Bench Peg Idea


Have you improvised with tools to make something?

Share your story below.



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