The symphony of Autumn

The Symphony of Autumn

Autumn leaves


” Each leaf plays a note in the symphony of Autumn”  – Pepper Blair



After the longest & hottest Summer on record for many years here in NSW Australia, Autumn is finally here.

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.




Leaves are starting to change colour & drop from the trees.

The leaves that have dropped to the ground are starting to turn multi coloured.

Day & night temperatures are comfortable – not too hot or cold.

You can drink copious cups of tea & coffee without breaking a sweat.

You don’t have to consume copious bottles of water just to stay hydrated enough to function.

I can forge & solder pieces in my jewellery studio without feeling like I’m about to spontaneously com bust.

Wearing socks is still optional rather than a necessity.

Short sleeves can be worn during the day & a light long sleeves at night.

I can see the stars & watch the sunrise when I go for a morning run.


Such is the Symphony of Autumn.


What’s your favourite Season of the Year? 


Ps: The New Melanie Hay Collection is inspired by fallen Autumn leaves & is available now in the online shop!


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