A silver blank canvas

It all Starts with a Silver Blank Canvas

A silver blank canvas


Each piece of Melanie Hay jewellery starts its journey as a little silver blank canvas.

My mission is to saw, shape & forged that flat lifeless piece of metal canvas into an wearable piece of Nature inspired Art that has it’s own unique shape, texture, finish, colour & personality.


Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings


When making a piece of jewellery, each stage of the production process is just as important as the next because when it comes to constructing, soldering, texturing & polishing there’s rarely room for mistakes to be fixed without them affecting the overall look & quality of the finished piece!


Dawn Double Textured Silver Hoop Earrings


When you place an order with Melanie Hay Jewellery, each piece is carefully handmade & then shipped from my Port Macquarie studio.

Being an eco friendly business means choosing to work only with eco friendly materials. That’s why I only work with Argentium Sterling Silver.

Argentium is a beautiful metal to work with & wear because its whiter & brighter than traditional Sterling & has a lovely surface finish. This means unlike traditional Sterling Argentium doesn’t need plating.

It’s also effortless to wear because not only does it have a lovely silvery glow, it’s anti tarnish properties help prevent dark black oxides from forming on the surface. This this means you can enjoy wearing rather cleaning your Melanie Hay Silver Jewellery piece!


Earring in progress



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