Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation

Nature is the Inspiration For All Ornamentation

Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation


One of my favourite quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright is: Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.

This classic quote beautifully describes the inspiration & creative process behind my own body of work over the last 10 years.

My most recent Collection is especially influenced by the many & varied textures & patterns of fallen leaves.

Like a human fingerprint, each leaf has its own characteristic leaf vein pattern.

When making each made to order piece, my goal is to reproduce each leafs’ unique pattern & texture.

Admittedly the production process can be a little frustrating at times because skeleton leaves are quite fragile & require careful handling.

This means there’s no room for error, so if the leaf falls apart during the production process, it negatively affects the quality of the texture.

Once patterned, the Silver also can’t be re-textured.

Thankfully re-makes are becoming less & less!

The pendant shown is the Grace Silver Drop Pendant & is available from my online shop.



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