Caring for Pearls

4 Easy Care Tips for Freshwater Pearls

Caring for Pearls

I love working with Freshwater Pearls because each Pearl in a strand has it’s own unique shape, tone & lustre.

When cared for & stored properly, good quality Pearls should last for years & some may even be handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

If you own Pearl Jewellery these 4 easy care tips will help keep your Freshwater Pearl jewellery looking its best for years.

  1. Apply perfumes, lotions & powders before putting on your Freshwater Pearls because even occasional exposure to these can erode the outer surface of Pearls.

  2. After removing them, gently wipe your Pearls with a soft damp cloth. This will help remove any dust, hairspray, perfume, perspiration or other types of residue which over time, can build up & form a dirty gray or yellow film over your Pearls.

This film is difficult to remove, is highly visible on White & Cream Pearls & will eventually erode the outer layer of your Freshwater Pearls.

  1. To avoid surface damage, store Pearl jewellery separately from your other jewellery pieces. Direct contact with metal surfaces can cause the outer layer of your Pearls to become scratched, scraped & pitted.

Once a Pearls’ surface is damaged it cannot be repaired & speaking from experience, finding a replacement single Pearl for a pair of earrings is very difficult indeed!

  1. Freshwater Pearl necklaces and bracelets are traditionally strung on silk thread with small knots between each Pearl. Over time & with wear Silk thread will perish which may result in your jewellery not only breaking, but the loss of some of your Pearls.

To prevent sudden breakage & loss take your Pearls to a jeweller who can check the integrity of the Silk thread & if necessary re-string it for you.


I hope you find these easy care tips for Freshwater Pearls helpful.

If you have any other care or storage tips for Freshwater Pearl jewellery, share them in the comments below.


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