Jewellery care tip for strung necklaces

Jewellery Care Tip 4: Strung Pearls

Jewellery care tip for strung necklaces


Jewellery Care Tip 4 : Strung Pearls

When I first started out as a Jewellery Artist many moons ago, I couldn’t afford to buy the tools required for metalsmithing.

So my very first Jewellery Collection was a range of strung jewellery pieces made from glass and semi precious beads and Freshwater Pearls.

During that time I also repaired quite a few of my customers own broken beaded and strung Pearl necklaces.

They would hand over their broken jewellery in a plastic bag which had in it, a half strung necklace and a few lose beads or Pearls.

More often than not though, a few beads or Freshwater Pearls would be missing because the necklace had broken while they were wearing it.

And as Jewellery Artist, lets just say finding suitable replacement Pearls or beads was also always so much easier said that done!

So todays’ jewellery  care tip is:

to help prevent breaking and losing your strung Freshwater Pearls, be sure to have the necklace thread and clasp regularly checked by a qualified jeweller.


Also if your Freshwater Pearls are strung on Silk or another type of thread, be aware that it will need re-stringing every few years.

This is because over time, the thread simply wears out.

The subtle signs of wear and tear in strung Pearls are also often not easy to spot until it’s too late.

Back in the 80’s when I was a teenager and fake plastic Pearls were all the rage (thanks to Madonna) I remember the disappointment I felt when my own favourite Pearl and crystal Necklace suddenly broke whilst getting ready to attend the local Blue Light Disco.

In no more than a split second most of the beads slipped off the thread and bounced across my bedroom floor.

Though I recovered most of them, a few were never to see again because they wedged themselves in the twist pile carpet.


So to avoid breaking and losing any of your precious Freshwater Pearls, make a point of getting them checked for wear and tear!


Have you had a strung necklace or piece of jewellery break while wearing it?

Frustrating isn’t it?




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