Gum tree bark

Inspired by Gum Tree Bark



While I love the convenience of taking photos with my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed rediscovering using my Canon EOS 60D camera for outdoor photography.

These photos were taken at Thornton Junior Soccer Oval, NSW during a recent trial Soccer game.

It was one of those games where my daughters team was getting smashed, so rather than continue taking photos of their disappointed faces, I turned my camera lens towards the gum trees alongside the field.

Almost immediately I felt a sense of excitement trying to capture the play of colour, light, patterns & textures in this Gum tree bark.



Call me strange but as I’ve mentioned here before I have a bit of thing for trees, & especially Tree bark!




I think it’s fascinating that each trees colouring, textures & markings are different to the next.


How about you? 



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