Fifinding Inspiration in Nature

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Inspiration - tree branches-3

Finding inspiration in Nature:

Since childhood I’ve been fascinated by the beautiful & colourful patterns in Nature.

One aspect of Nature I find magical & which often inspires the embossed designs for my Silver jewellery is trees.

From the colourful Elm & Oak & trees around London where I spent part of my childhood, to bold & majestic Australian Gums, each tree species has their own characteristic form, bark texture, leaf shape & colour.

The tree trunk images below were taken at various Parks in & around Maitland NSW & demonstrate just how unique each tree is in terms of it’s texture, colour & surface detail.



Inspiration - moss on tree 2




I love the natural colouring, wrinkled, crackled textured bark & the play of light on the trees’ surface.

My interest in Nature & fascination with trees is reflected in the types of patterns I choose to emboss into my Silver work.



Do you find any aspects of Nature inspiring? 

Share in the comments below.



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