Quick & easy care tip for Pearl Necklaces

Easy Care Tip for Pearl Necklaces

Quick & easy care tip for Freshwater Pearl Necklaces


Here’s a quick & easy jewellery care tip to help prevent your Freshwater Pearl necklace from stretching. 

Traditional Freshwater Pearl necklaces are threaded onto silk cord with knots in between each Pearl.

When it gets wet, the silk cord not only attracts dirt but it also stretches.

This causes the Pearls on your necklace to move around & become unevenly spaced rather than sitting snug in between each knot.

When this happens, over time the silk cord will also weaken & eventually break, leaving your Pearls vulnerable to being damaged or lost.

To avoid this, when wet, carefully lay your Pearl strand down on a flat surface flat & don’t move it until it is completely dry.

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