An East Maitland Winter Sunrise

East Maitland Winter Sunrise


Brisk, cold mornings, the occasional frost and glorious sunrises can only mean one thing – Winter is well and truly here in East Maitland. 

For those who don’t know, East Maitland is a regional town located in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

This East Maitland Winter sunrise was recently photographed in my backyard and it reminded me of a quote about Nature by Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi.


 Nature can put on a thrilling show. The stage is vast, the lighting is dramatic, the extras are innumerable, and the budget for special effects is absolutely unlimited 


This particular sunrise certainly made the 6km morning run at 5am with my faithful running partner, Toby the Brittany spaniel worth it – even though the rest of the day was cold and windy.

Hard as it is during Winter, I’ve learned that as a designer & metalsmith, exercising and spending time outside the home studio is an important aspect of feeling connected and inspired by the textures, forms, patterns and colours in Nature and translating these elements into my jewellery designs.

And, after coming home and having a long hot shower, at least I get to spend the rest of the day working inside with a flame torch and hot pieces of metal!



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