Celebrating Spring

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

Celebrating Spring


After what has seemed like a long cold Winter here in East Maitland, NSW Australia, Spring is finally here!


For some reason the older I get, the colder I find each Winter. So I can’t help but get a little excited when September comes around.


To celebrate the arrival of Spring I wanted to share a few things that I look forward to about Spring:

  • Trees starting to sprout their new bright green leaves

  • Flowers starting to bloom in an array of vibrant colours

  • Bees buzzing around in the garden

  • Lawns turning greener

  • The sound of lawns being mowed

  • The water at local lakes & beaches looking bluer & clearer

  • Feeling the soft warmth of Sun on your face, arms & feet

  • Not having to wear 2 layers of socks to keep my feet warm

  • Feeling lighter not having to wear 3 -4 layers of clothing inside (let alone more outside)  – just to stay warm.

  • Being able to sit & work comfortably at my computer & jewellery bench rather than having to literally jog around my house & studio trying to keep my nose, feet & toes warm!


Now it’s your turn.

Do you get excited about Spring? 


Share your thoughts below.



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