Caring for Pearls

Jewellery Tip 1: Caring for Pearls

Caring for Pearls

Jewellery Care Tip No 1: Pearls

When made from quality materials and properly cared for, Freshwater Pearl jewellery can last for many years, and even be past down through generations.

Caring for Pearls is quite easy.

One way to avoid damaging your Freshwater Pearl jewellery that can often be overlooked is to apply lotions, perfumes, creams, makeup, hairspray before putting your Pearl jewellery on.

How Do Lotions and Sprays Damage Freshwater Pearls?

The external surface of a Freshwater Pearl is made up of many layers of an organic substance secreted by Mollusks called Nacre.

Under normal conditions, a Pearls’ Nacre is strong and resilient. However exposing the Nacre to lotions, perfumes and sprays leaves a sticky residue which over time discolours the Pearl outer layer and sets like glue. The ingredients and propellent in some sprays and lotions can also erode the Nacre, causing it to peel and flake.

If you do happen to accidentally spray or smudge your Freshwater Pearls with perfume or makeup, carefully and immediately wipe them clean with damp cloth.



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