Care Tip 8 - use a Silver cleaning cloth

Care Tip 8: Use a Cleaning Cloth

Care Tip 8 - use a Silver cleaning cloth

Did you know that when cleaning Sterling Silver jewellery that has semi precious stones or Freshwater pearls with commercially available jewellery cleaners, you can damage the stones?


How ?

Many commercially available jewellery cleaning solutions (eg liquids & pastes) contain harsh chemicals & or abrasives.

While they are very effective at quickly removing tarnish from Silver, they can can scratch, bleach or dull the highly polished surface of some semi precious stones.


Which Stones are Vulnerable?

Freshwater Pearls are particularly vulnerable due to fact that they are organic & their outer surface is made up of layers of nacre.

Other popular semi precious stones that are susceptible include Opal, Labradorite, Turquoise, Moonstone, Jade, Lapis, Amber, Tiger Eye, Larimar & Malachite.


The Solution?

Use a Silver cleaning cloth to remove tarnish instead of a commercially available Jewellery cleaning solution or paste.

Whilst using a Silver cleaning cloth may mean it will take a little longer to remove the tarnish from your jewellery, at least your semi precious stones & Pearls will be safe!

If your Jewellery is very heavily tarnished you may want to consider taking it to a reputable Manufacturing Jeweller to be professionally cleaned & polished.




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