Care Tip 7 - Remove Tarnish

Care Tip 7: Remove Tarnish




Jewellery Care Tip No 7: Remove Tarnish


Tempting as it might be to put off, be sure to remove tarnish on your jewellery when you first notice it.



Because the longer you leave tarnish on your jewellery, the harder it becomes to remove.


Why Does the Tarnish Become Harder to Remove?

Because the tarnish process will continue to progress until your jewellery becomes heavily coated in a thick, blackish, blueish, grey or brassy coloured film.

When left, this film can be incredibly difficult to remove without using some kind of abrasive or chemical.

If an abrasive or chemicals are required, the clean up job also becomes much more time consuming and or tricky, especially if your jewellery has precious or semi precious stones, a textured or mirror finish or is plated.

So next time you notice your jewellery starting to turn a different colour, remove the tarnish immediately with a jewellery cleaning cloth or use very mild soapy water and pat dry.

Of course if the tarnish is really stubborn, take the piece to your nearest manufacturing jeweller where they can assess what needs to be done.



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