Custom Made Dragonfly

Bespoke Dragonfly Pendant

Custom Made Dragonfly


Call me strange but I think Dragonflies are quite cute & fascinating.

So when I recently received an enquiry to make a Bespoke Dragonfly Pendant, I was quite excited to give it a go.

Interestingly prior to this enquiry I had been making plans to further develop the Nature themes in my work by introducing some creature & animal shapes into the Range in 2015.

To get the custom made process started the customer sent a picture of what they had in mind, along with a few amendments.

After we determined their budget, a time frame, when progress images would be sent, when payments would be made & whether I could technically produce what they wanted, the client gave the go ahead for the piece.

After completing a high polish finish on the Pendant I noticed that if you touched them, your fingerprints really showed up on the Dragonflys’ wings.

This is the down side to highly polished Silver pieces & one of the reasons I prefer to add textures and patterns to my Jewellery designs.

So I contacted the customer to let them know about the problem.

To help reduce the appearance of finger prints, I offered to lightly texture the wings with a Satin finish free of charge.

To give them an idea of what this would look like I sent a photo of a scrap piece of Silver with the texture compared to the polished finish & they decided to go ahead with the Satin finish.

Unfortunately the customer needed the piece urgently so I ran out of time to take a final picture of the Dragonfly Pendant with it’s Satin finished wings.

I really enjoy making custom made pieces like this because it’s such a privilege to help my customers transform their own gift giving ideas into something meaningful, unique & beautiful!

What’s your favourite animal or creature? 

If you are interested in having a bespoke piece of jewellery made send your enquiry to




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