Argentium Sterling Silver Cabochon Setting

Argentium Sterling Silver Cabochon Setting

Argentium Silver Cabachon Setting


So far so good with making this Argentium Sterling Silver cabochon setting.

This is my second attempt at this particular cabochon setting – the first one fell apart when attempting to solder it to a ring shank!

In my experience getting Argentium silver solder to fully flow around & into joints without overheating the whole piece can be a little challenging at times.

As with most jewellery making techniques it just takes a lot of practice & learning from your making mistakes before you can even begin to feel confident with what your making.

While it takes more time, I prefer to make my own cabochon settings rather than purchase mass produced ones so you can accommodate the differences in the height & shape of various cabochons.

I have also found some pre-made settings can be quite flimsy. When a setting is too thin & lightweight, the greater the chance of the stone coming lose & falling out.


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