Skeleton Leaf Ring

Sneak Peek of Skeleton Leaf Ring

Skeleton Leaf Ring


Here’s a sneak peek of a finished Skeleton Leaf Ring design for the 2016 New Collection (coming soon).

Made from Argentium Sterling Silver it features an intricate embossed skeleton leaf pattern.

The leaf texture is applied using real skeleton leaves so each ring will have it’s own unique skeleton leaf patterning.


Skeleton Leaf Ring


What I’m really pleased with is that it sits very comfortably on the finger due to the 1/2 round shank.

So what an earth is a half round shank?!

A 1/2 round or D section ring shank refers to the fact that the band is flat on the inside & rounded on the outside.

When combined with the correctly sized & weighted top section, the ring is less likely swivel from side to side on your finger.


Update: The Grace Round Silver Leaf Patterned Ring is available now from the online shop.

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  1. Charlie Albright | Moments by Charlie
    Charlie Albright | Moments by Charlie says:

    I wouldn’t consider this ring the type I would wear but there is something about this ring that draws me in. I have seen it several times on your Instagram feed and it’s just perfect. I don’t know if it’s the photo or lighting but I just think that having the leaf only partially overlap the top face is just like stunning from a design element point of view?! I just don’t know how to articulate what’s drawing me in to this piece.

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