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Welcome to Melanie Hay Jewellery.

Since I can remember Nature has been my muse – a captivating, wondrous place of mystery & beauty that has fascinated me since childhood.

Just like your fingerprint Nature has its’ own unique patterns & details.

Melanie Hay Jewellery is about capturing those unique details in timeless pieces that can be effortlessly worn (because couldn’t we all do with a little effortless now & again?!) or given as a special gift.

Designed & made in Port Macquarie, Australia, each hand made piece is created with elegant style, comfort & durability in mind so you can wear your unique Melanie Hay piece – always.

What Makes Melanie Hay Jewellery Eco Friendly?

Compared to traditional Sterling Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver is purer, recycled, ethically mined & processed. It also has anti-tarnish qualities, which makes it perfect for everyday wear so you don’t have to worry about using chemical tarnish removers because let’s face it, who really has time for that?

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