Close up of Daisy Flower

Nature Through a Macro Lens

Close up of Daisy Flower

I was lucky enough to receive a 60mm Macro lens for our Canon D40 Camera on my birthday this year &, whilst I have been busily taking hundreds of jewellery images, my husband got up close & personal with Nature & took these flower shots.

 Flower Photo using Macro lens

Flower close up with Macro lens
As a jewellery artist who is inspired by the colours & textures found in Nature, I was in awe of the detailed & intricate patterning, vibrant colouring  and contrasting textures on these flowers under the macro lens.

Of course, it also helps that my husband happens to have a good eye & the patience for capturing such detail in a photo.

Despite not being able to smell them, I find the visual beauty of flowers lifts my spirit & provides inspiration & ideas for future jewellery pieces.

Speaking of Nature, our home grown carrots have been producing some rather interesting shapes and forms.

Home grown carrot art

At first I thought this one was rather ugly & almost comical, but then from an artistic perspective I noticed it still had a rather interesting abstract & organic quality about it.

Needless to say, this carrot didn’t end up on the dinner plate – a little too hairy for my liking!



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