making bails

On the Bench this Week: Making Bails

making bails


On the bench this week – I’m attempting to make a batch of bails for the 2016 New Collection prototypes so I can have them on hand when required.

Sounds good in theory doesn’t it?

We’ll see how it goes in reality after this batch is used up!

So why make these components when you can easily buy them?

  1. Quality control: over the years I’ve experienced issues with some batches of cast findings & components.
  2. You can make parts to the required size & or adjust them easily.
  3. Eco friendly: Argentium Silver is a more eco friendly Sterling than traditional Sterling Silver. I also only             make parts in very small batches to avoid waste.
  4. Stand out from the crowd: Have you ever gone to an event or just down the street only to find someone else wearing the same outfit or accessories as yourself? As a jewellery Artist & metalsmith I want my customers to look & feel beautiful, special & unique – because they are!

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