At the bench

Adding the Final Polish

final polish


On the bench this week I’m adding the final polish to these textured Argentium Silver shapes.

While there are a myriad of different polishing compounds to choose from I prefer Red Rouge polish.

Red rouge is the finest of all the polishing rouges & is traditionally made of finely pulverized iron oxide.

Rouge is often mixed with a binder and formed into a bar. This makes it easy to apply to a spindled buffing wheel or polishing mop.

After the final buff & polish, the next stage is to add ear wires & pendant chains to complete these pieces for the upcoming 2016 New Collection.

The pictured polishing mop is one of my favourite because it’s so soft & fluffy!

It also glides elegantly over Argentium Sterling Silver leaving a beautiful final polish & finish.


Update:  The New Melanie Hay Collection is out now & available in the online shop.



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