Everything has beauty

Everything Has Beauty

Nature & beauty



While on Pinterest looking for quotes about Nature, I recently came across this by Confucius.


Everything has beauty but not everyone see it


The idea that everything has beauty immediately resonated with me because my goal as a Jewellery Artist has always been to design inspired & beautiful jewellery.

Following & practising this goal hasn’t always been easy though.

In fact it’s taken many years & countless jewellery design incarnations to find & interpret the inspiration behind my creative work rather than following current fashion & industry trends.

Ironically the decision to be more Nature focused has been prompted by a number of life changing events including:

  • turning forty something
  • learning to cope & come to terms with my teenage daughters ongoing mental health problems & it’s impact on our family
  • & being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015.

On the positive side however, these life experiences have opened my eyes to the importance of appreciating the exquisite & beautiful patterns, colours & textures in everyday Nature even more.

Update: If like me you love skeleton leaves, you might like to checkout the recently launched Melanie Hay Jewellery New Collection which features a variety of skeleton leaf inspired earrings, rings & necklaces.



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