top 5 polishing tools for the flexshaft

My Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing tools

  Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing Tools   Polishing…
At the bench

Adding the Final Polish

  On the bench this week I'm adding the final polish…
Making a Silver Ring Band

Orca Torch Review

  After many years of using various sized hand held Butane…
buff sticks

Tools of the Trade: Buff Sticks

  These homemade buff sticks are some of the most used…
Micro torch

Melted Micro Torch

  Due to it starting to melt on the outside, after 7yrs…

New Flexshaft Pendant Motor

  Forget new clothes, handbags or shoes, my weakness…

Favourite Tools For Polishing Silver

  Over the last 12 months of developing & creating my…
Mobile Bench Peg Setup

Mobile Bench Peg

  When it comes to jewellery making, there are a…