new collection

Working on the New Collection

  There's nothing like Feathers, leaves, metal &…
Summer is

Summer is ...

  Summer is ... ditching the kids to hang out at the…

Behind the Scenes - Production Problems!

  No this is not a new texture or pattern for my New…
making bails

On the Bench this Week: Making Bails

  On the bench this week - I'm attempting to make…
green tree frogs

Green Tree Frogs

  This is one of our resident Green Tree Frogs. He's…

New Collection

  Just in case you were wondering why online shop…
banksia pods

Banksia Pods

A few months ago my husband found & brought home some Banksia…
Micro torch

Melted Micro Torch

  Due to it starting to melt on the outside, after 7yrs…
freeform agate

Re-discovering Freeform Agate

  I was excited to recently re-discover this piece of…