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2017 New Collection Launch!

   The 2017 New Collection Launch is Here! After many months of sneak peeks, work in progress & coming soon posts, I’m excited to share the Melanie Hay Jewellery New Collection is now available for purchase online. Created for the modern woman who loves Nature & elegant design, the Collection includes a range of made to […]

My Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing tools

  Top 5 Flexshaft Polishing Tools   Polishing wheels, mops & mandrels are among the most used tools in my jewellery making business. Over the years I’ve tried many different ones in the hope of finding the best one for the type of jewellery I produce. What I’ve learned along the way is that there is […]

Leaf Patterned Sterling Silver Earrings

  Made from eco friendly, tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver, these leaf patterned Sterling Silver earrings are part of the upcoming new Collection. Made from real skeleton leaves they feature a delicate embossed leaf pattern. Each pair of leaf patterned earrings is made to order which means no two pairs are the same. If you are […]

The Symphony of Autumn

  ” Each leaf plays a note in the symphony of Autumn”  – Pepper Blair     After the longest & hottest Summer on record for many years here in NSW Australia, Autumn is finally here. Autumn is my favourite season of the year.   Why?   Leaves are starting to change colour & drop […]

Adding the Final Polish

  On the bench this week I’m adding the final polish to these textured Argentium Silver shapes. While there are a myriad of different polishing compounds to choose from I prefer Red Rouge polish. Red rouge is the finest of all the polishing rouges & is traditionally made of finely pulverized iron oxide. Rouge is often mixed with […]

New Skeleton Leaf Pattern

  If you hadn’t noticed, skeleton leaf patterns & textures are a re-occurring theme in the upcoming 2016 New Collection! Developing the new range has involved a lot of experimenting with different skeleton leaf patterns & design prototypes. Interesting depending on the type of frame left behind after the leaf is stripped, I found that some leaf species work much better than others […]

Sterling Silver Stacker Rings Sneak Peek

  Thought you might like to see a sneak peek of some Sterling Silver stacker rings I’ve been working on. You’ll have to excuse the wrinkles though – I didn’t realise how old my hands were looking until taking close up shots like this! These Sterling Silver stacker rings are part of the Ring Range in the upcoming […]

Art Imitating Nature

    I recently came across this quote about Art imitating Nature:   All Art is but Imitation of Nature – Lucius Seneca   My immediate reaction was if I can achieve this in my work I’ll be happy! The image above shows Argentium Sterling Silver pieces that are finished & ready to be assembled into jewellery pieces. […]

Everything Has Beauty

    While on Pinterest looking for quotes about Nature, I recently came across this by Confucius.   Everything has beauty but not everyone see it   The idea that everything has beauty immediately resonated with me because my goal as a Jewellery Artist has always been to design inspired & beautiful jewellery. Following & practising this goal hasn’t always […]