Melanie Hay

About Melanie Hay

As a modern woman juggling many roles, your life is busy.

With work, family & household responsibilities consuming your time, it can be hard to find high quality distinctive jewellery that reflects your personal style & unique connection to the world.

I’m Melanie Hay – Jewellery Artist / Metalsmith.

My passion is creating distinctive bespoke & limited edition Jewellery Collections for women who love Nature & elegant design.

Made from eco friendly Argentium Sterling Silver, my Collections are :

  • inspired by textures & patterns found in Nature
  • designed for style & comfort
  • timeless & elegant

so you can focus on being your beautiful self .. everyday!


Art & design have always been a big part of my life.

I think my passion for design actually began in childhood while accessorising my Cindy dolls!

Years later as a Fine Arts student I became obsessed with looking in every jewellery shop window & Art Gallery Gift shop looking for design inspiration & of course the perfect piece of jewellery.

Not having found a medium I loved working with & felt connected to, I changed career paths & pursued an academic career in Medical Sociology.

Many years later while on maternity leave from studying & teaching, I did a basic metal smithing course.

During that course I realised learning how transform a piece of flat lifeless metal into an elegant form represented the personal connection to an Art medium that had been missing all those years ago.

Since then I have focused on further developing my jewellery making skills & techniques to design Collections for modern women who love Nature & elegant design.

I am also a wife, mother of two teens & a Breast Cancer survivor.

How is Melanie Hay Jewellery Made?

Each piece is made to order in my Studio (Australia) using traditional metalsmithing techniques

This means every piece of Melanie Hay Jewellery has it’s own characteristic pattern & finish.

I choose to use Argentium Sterling Silver because it is eco friendly & highly tarnish resistant.

The intricate textures and patterns on my jewellery pieces are carefully embossed (imprinted) into the Silver so the pattern won’t wear off.

I also use a blackening solution to highlight the pattern & give my designs a modern vintage look & feel.